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Witch Hazel?

WITCH HAZEL ? In the 16th century, it is said that Indians treated their wounds by spreading the water of the bark. Where Americans are seen from Indians, they first began to be in male barbers when they settled on the spot. For shaving-cleansed cuts, clean the bleeding or use witch nuts for relief. Day by day they began to discover other facial effects. The story of witch hazelnut that has been used in cosmetics for a century is being passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays witch nuts are made of several trees approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) for cosmetic design. The “natural witch hazelnut arak obtained by boiling the bark of the tree grown in the cold regions of America in the cosmetic sector; skin firming, pore cleansing, blackhead purifying and oil balancing. Although there is a similarity also goes by the name of hazelnut tree with nuts in Turkey. Witch hazelnut in the literature "Hamamelis Virginiana" and "Witch Hazel" names are also prepared! Mixed with Türkçe macadamia oil ada on some Turkish websites or social media. A Tree Giving Macadamia Eaten However, the witch hazelnut loves cold regions with its durable structure and opens its golden yellow flowers in winters. Harvest intake and ı natural witch nuts ında were obtained in spring after shedding their flowers. As it stands, it's raining witch nuts!

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